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What This Partnership is About

​GREENVILLE, SC (FOX Carolina) - The nation is seeing new way to get healthcare: by visiting a doctor  over the phone.  A Greenville-based tele-health company, eDocHome, is gaining traction. Members can request consults on a website and app without leaving home.  Its owner, Chris Cole, said the quicker, cheaper and more convenient way to get medical care  from home is sure to be the way of the future.

When you think about how people do just about everything online, from banking  to college, medicine only makes sense. The company has been around for almost a year and a half, and at this point it's growing by 50 or 100 percent every month.  "People have to wait days, or weeks or months, to get in to see their primary care physician . So if I'm sick today with a cold or flu or sinus infection, it's Monday, chances are I would be lucky to get an appointment Wednesday or Thursday," explained Cole.  He said, when the average ER visit could cost nearly $2,000, logging onto an app, website or calling a toll-free number to talk to a doctor within 15 minutes sounds pretty appealing.

Cole said that after members are asked a series of questions about their illnesses, doctors give diagnoses, recommendations of treatment and call a prescriptions into a pharmacy. He started eDocHome in 2013. Based in Greenville, the monthly-fee membership offers a network of doctors from across the country, licensed practitioners who are trained in tele-consultations. People can upload photos of symptoms , and doctors already know a patient's health history.

Pictures can't always tell the whole story, though.  Brad Childs owns Doctors Express at Cherrydale in Greenville. Childs admits there are packed waiting rooms during the peak of flu season, with wait times from 10 to 40 minutes. He calls tele-health a solid supplement to healthcare, with low costs and accessibility, but Childs said it's limited. "Through a video, you know, you can't touch something to see and say, 'Is it hurting around the edges or is it just hurting in the middle?'" said Childs.

Cole said eDocHome is not a substitute for insurance, and doctors do refer members to see a physician in the flesh when necessary. He explained his business  as a more convenient way to get care, any time and every day.

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Greenville-Based eDocHome Offers 24/7 Doctor Care via Teleconference

As a member of eDocHome, you and your family can speak with a nationwide network of

U.S. board-certified physicians through phone, email and online video.

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